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Gialanella in the Gardens

image of large steel sculpture, titled "celestial fish"
Celestial Fish.

Children in front of Horse, by Don Gialanella
image of large sphere sculpture, titled "plenum orb"
The Plenum Orb piece, on display in Pasadena, CA.

Don Gialanella’s work is exhibited in public spaces, museums, galleries and private collections worldwide. In honor of the Florida Botanical Garden's 20th Anniversary, three steel assemblage pieces will be on display, creating a stark contrast against the natural surroundings of the botanical gardens. 

Opening Night – March 5th, 6-9pm
On display  for 1 year, beginning March 6th.
View the pieces at the Florida Botanical Gardens,
Open daily, from 7am – 5pm.

image of the artist, don gialanella
Don Gialanella is a sculptor, who uses reclaimed objects as the building materials for his works. Clusters of toys, tools, utensils, electronic game components, computer hardware and a myriad of mass produced plastic objects are given new life as figurative sculptures. His work makes a statement on our consumer culture that results in conspicuous over-consumption, planned obsolescence, hoarding and the production of massive amounts of garbage.

To see more of Don's work, visit:

Glass in the Gallery

A group exhibition of fine glass art featuring many of the most exciting and well recognized glass artists across the country will be in the Gallery at Creative Pinellas, to coincide with the exhibit in the Gardens.
The exhibit is being curated by artistic director Mary Childs and the Duncan Mcclellan Gallery, in St. Petersburg, FL. 
The exhibition originally opened on March 5 at the neighboring Gallery at Creative Pinellas in Largo, FL. Creative Pinellas has created a virtual version of the Glass in the Gallery exhibit, in response to social distancing guidelines associated with the COVID-19 crisis.

The virtual exhibit allows you to view images of a variety of sculptures created using a mix of traditional and contemporary glass working techniques. Click here to get started:

Image of a glass sculpture and a large steel sculpture