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         Welcome to the Florida Botanical Gardens!


Use your smart phone and the free TaleBlazer App to have fun while learning about the gardens!
Choose from a number of games and check back often for new ones.
Developed by MIT Scheller Teacher Education Program, Taleblazer games take place in the real world and can be played on most GPS enabled smartphones.

How to Play!
Go to the App Store on your phone and download the Taleblazer App. (Either use WiFi or Data)
In the gardens, open the app. and the Florida Botanical Garden‛s page will automatically open.
Arrow thru the games and choose the one you want to play. Download/Update the game using data.

Play!(No data used). Instructions are included.

Games to Include:
Introduction to the Gardens – a simple map based orientation.
Curious Stuff in the Gardens

Florida-Friendly in the West Gardens

Florida-Friendly in the East Gardens
Water-Wise: A Florida-Friendly Approach
Critters Along the Wildlife Walkway


Taleblazer FAQs

Q: Can I download the Taleblazer App while in the gardens?

Yes. The app can be downloaded using only data while in the gardens. It takes a little longer than if WIFI is used but certainly can be done.

Q: Can I use an Ipad rather than an Iphone?

Yes, but only if the Ipad has GPS capabilities. WiFi-only iPad models (ones without cellular network capability) do NOT have a built-in GPS.

Q: Will Taleblazer work if Location Services are turned off on my phone?

No. Taleblazer works by tracking the location of your phone, just as your mapping app does. You can download both the app and the games, but If location Services are turned off, you will be prompted to turn it on when you start a game.(Usually done in settings.)



The Florida Botanical Gardens is an Oasis nestled in the heart of Pinellas County. This Pinellas County Park is open every day of the year 

Admission: Free to Public
Hours: 7am to 5pm daily

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