The Florida Botanical Gardens Foundation

About the Foundation

The Florida Botanical Gardens Foundation (FBGF) is a fund raising entity (501c3) created to provide leadership and financial support for the Florida Botanical Gardens.  The FBGF began as the Friends of the Gardens in 1993 for the purposes of encouraging interest in and support for a botanical garden in Pinellas County.

The Friends became the FBGF in 2003 as a cooperative public private partnership with the intent to enrich the cultural and educational opportunities of the community at a significantly reduced cost to the taxpayers. The FBGF has successfully partnered with Pinellas County to maintain, expand and improve the Gardens since then.   

Our Mission: To create, sustain and grow a world-class botanical garden.

Our Vision Statement: To be a premier destination that provides nourishment for the spirit.

Our Values:
Protect the environment and instill an appreciation for future generations.

FBGF is managed by an all volunteer Board of Directors who strive to make the Gardens a place for everyone to enjoy. 

We sponsor events during the year that bring in both local residents and international visitors.  Our "Holiday Lights in the Garden" and “Gift and Plant Sale” are two of our most important events.  These events are both our gift to the community and a fund raiser for the Gardens.

The FBGF raises funds to support the gardens through a number of ways.


Children’s Trail:

Follow mascot, Flora through an exciting educational walk through the Gardens searching for butterflies to wildlife.  Each stop provides information on a range of flora and fauna. more....

Downloadable guide

Expansions and Renovations:

Maintenance and Repairs: